What will you discover while living at our retirement community?

If the opportunity for companionship, travel, education, staying fit and just enjoying life appeals to you, you’ll like St. Andrew’s Village; we put it all together in a very attractive package. You’ll have the freedom to craft your own version of the perfect retirement, and the choices that let you make your vision a reality. You can choose to lease your residence annually, or select our Return of Capital® Plan, which protects your estate by refunding up to 90% of your entrance fee. Compared with the struggles of owning a house after age 65, you’ll enjoy some very welcome advantages living in our retirement community:

More opportunity. You’ll have the chance to try new things and to continue your lifelong passions. You can choose among educational and recreational activities, special-interest clubs, holiday parties and community events, exercise and wellness classes, plus so much more.

More ways to stay involved. You’ll meet wonderful people who share your interests, and you’ll find easy ways to share your time and talents. You can join or lead any number of committees and organizations, or start one of your own.

An easier life. You’ll have fast, walkable access to the essentials, including our own salon and Village Shoppes.  Our staff takes care of all the chores, inside and out, including housekeeping and maintenance. Think of the time and effort that you will save year-round. We also provide assistance with local transportation when you need it.

A genuine sense of belonging. When you live at St. Andrew’s Village, you feel that you’re among friends because you are among friends — residents and staff who care about you the way they care about their own families.


“You feel as if you’re part of an extended family.” — Joe Kuttler

Added security. You’ll never have to worry about who will take care of you in the future.  That means ultimate peace of mind for you and your family.

For a free brochure, or to schedule a visit at St. Andrew’s Village, just call 877.380.8132.