Helping preserve your most precious assets: health and wellness.

St. Andrew’s Village is dedicated to giving you every opportunity to keep active, stay vital and age well. Here, wellness means keeping fit and healthy in every dimension — physically, socially and intellectually. You can choose to take advantage of our pool and fitness center with programs designed personally for you. There really is a lot to choose from: cardio and weight exercises, yoga, aerobics, aquatics, whirlpool spa, massage therapy and much more.

“I enjoy a lot of the activities they offer here — I’m doing swimming classes in a beautiful pool as well as other exercise classes.” — Andy Kojis

Staying engaged with people is very important to your overall wellness, and St. Andrew’s Village makes it easy. Games, clubs, presentations, special events, scheduled trips and even Wii virtual bowling are just some of the many planned activities we offer.

And of course, balanced, healthy nutrition is part of maintaining health and wellness, and you will find the dining experience here at St. Andrew’s to be superb.

Learn how a healthy lifestyle and the culture of wellness at St. Andrew’s Village can enrich your retirement experience. Request more information, or call us at 877.380.8132.